• RETRENCHMENTS: How do I go about it and what are the alternatives?
    Since the lockdown has commenced, many businesses have found themselves unable to meet their monthly obligations and are considering a reduction of staff. Whilst measures have been implemented by Government to assist employers in retaining staff during the Covid 19 lockdown period, if an employer contemplates dismissing one or more […]
  • PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE: Why is it essential?
    Applying progressive discipline in the workplace is essential as it is one of the important points considered by the CCMA, Bargaining Council and Labour Court when a dispute involving unfair dismissal arises. Employers therefore need to understand what it is about and how to apply it correctly. The courts have […]
    The principle of fairness is the corner stone of our labour law and therefore, by inference, of workplace discipline. The Labour Relations Act, 1995, gives effect hereto by requiring from employers to demonstrate both procedural and substantive fairness when disciplining or dismissing employees. These are the two stepping stones on […]
  • COVID-19 and The Workplace
    President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a gradual phasing out of lockdown and, starting on the 1st of May 2020, the country moved from phase 5 to phase 4, where various sectors of industry are now allowed to re-open, subject to certain stringent rules which aims to contain the spread of COVID-19 […]
  • FIXED TERM CONTRACTS OF EMPLOYMENT: Can they be terminated prematurely?
    It is important, as a departure point, to understand the difference between permanent and fixed term employment. The key elements of a permanent employment relationship are continuity and certainty. This is regarded as the norm. i.e. typical orstandardemployment relationships, and our labour laws are largely premised on these relationships. Employment […]
  • The Labour Court Process
    The Labour Court as we know it today was founded on the basis of the Labour Relations Act of 1995. It is a court that deals specifically with disputes related to employment law. This can include issues within the work environment between an employer and employee, trade unions, industrial relations, […]

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