SVN – Insurance law need not be complex with us

The insurance law department of SVN Attorneys has extensive knowledge of the laws and regulations in the financial industry. Having a trustworthy relationship between these two industries (financial and legal services) is very significant.

“We understand that it’s important for both the client and the advisor to assess the client’s risk analysis but also the risk appetite, which will enable the advisor to give best advice. This must be reflected in the record of advice and will protect both client and advisor.” – Pieter Steenkamp, SVN Attorneys. This is where we can assist.

We have proper knowledge of the Fais act and the rules and regulations of the FSCA. We can assist with:

•             contractual interpretation;

•             advice on compliance;

•             tribunal hearings;

•             debarments and;

•             conduct related investigations

Getting the assistance of insurance lawyers, such as SVN Attorney’s, when dealing with these regulations and legislation, can make all the difference in ensuring that you are compliant. If you are in need of the assistance of expertly qualified insurance lawyers, contact SNV Attorney’s today.

who are we?
We strongly stand by our clients, no matter what they are going through. Our ability to offer the highest quality service is something we take much pride in, ensuring that we offer our clients only the best there is.

We take pride in our history but also focus on the future, the relationships we have built and are busy building. This makes us dynamic and client orientated, after all that is what you are looking for when selecting an attorney, someone that puts your interests before their own.
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