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Celebrating 15 years of successful business

Fifteen years of business excellence is an impressive milestone for any organization. It’s a time to reflect on the journey, celebrate the achievements, and look ahead to what’s next. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key elements that contribute to SVN Attorneys success and highlight some tips for up-and-coming attorneys who wish grow their business success as well.

The firm opened in February 2008. It’s first office was in Momentum Centre in Pretoria CBD. It started as a sole proprietary with Pieter Steenkamp, director at SVN Attorneys, as the only attorney. With the entrepreneurial input of Christo van Niekerk, director at SVN Attorneys, the firm grew exponentially from a small to a medium size, results driven firm.

Pieter Steenkamp tells more about what it takes to start and run a successful firm like SVN Attorneys. “In my opinion, and as a tip if you are stiving for success, it doesn’t only take a lot of hard work, you also have to be vigilant. You have to realize your talents into opportunities and constantly reinvent yourself, says Steenkamp. A never-ending drive for success is only one of the secrets to success, cherishing every client big or small, and the constant focus to build on your achievements make the dream a reality.”

On the question of what their aspirations will be for the next 15 years, Pieter answered: “To render services on three continents, functioning in a multi-national firm.  We already render high-end services to international clients so it just makes sense to expand into these markets with a strong South African presence.

Quick Q&A session with Pieter:

Q.  Roughly how many cases have SVN Attorneys dealt with to date?
A.  Easily more than 10 000 cases.

Q.  What was your proudest moment in the last 15 years?

A.  We saved a small town named Pilgrimsrest, Christo took down numerous ponzi schemes there. We established ourselves as a strong, constantly involved, and always present firm.

Q.  Is there someone or a company that needs a special thanks during this 15-year celebration?

A.           Stephann Schoemann

Sean Hefferman

Visual Exposure

VEA Group of Companies


Malan Group

Mike van Wyk

Hennie Ferreira at Osidon

And of course, Christo van Niekerk

5 Tips from SVN

  1. Strong Leadership: One of the most critical factors in achieving business excellence is strong leadership. A leader who sets a clear vision, inspires the team, and provides guidance and support is essential to driving success. Leaders who are adaptable, communicative, and willing to take risks are more likely to guide their organization to sustained success.
  • Customer Focus: The ability to put the customer at the centre of everything the organization does is a hallmark of a successful business. Organizations that listen to their customers, understand their needs, and tailor their products or services accordingly are more likely to build long-term customer relationships and achieve sustained success.
  • Innovation: Innovation is crucial to staying ahead in today’s fast-paced business environment. Organizations that are willing to experiment, take risks, and adapt to changing market conditions are more likely to stay ahead of the curve and remain relevant.
  • Operational Excellence: The ability to execute consistently and efficiently is critical to achieving sustained success. Organizations that focus on optimizing their operations, improving processes, and minimizing waste are more likely to achieve operational excellence and drive long-term success.
  • People Development: Attracting and retaining top talent is a critical component of building a successful organization. Businesses that invest in their employees’ development, provide opportunities for growth and advancement, and foster a positive company culture are more likely to build a strong team and achieve sustained success.