SVN specialise in civil claims and has always considered civil litigation to be the backbone of the firm.

Our team is excellently equipped and experienced to handle any civil claim individuals or businesses may experience.

SVN Attorneys assist with the following civil claims

Contractual disputes

At SVN Attorneys, we understand that contractual disputes such breach of contracts, creditors failing to pay, and partnership disputes can disrupt the flow of business and strain relationships. Our seasoned attorneys work diligently to resolve disputes efficiently, whether through negotiation, mediation or, when necessary, through litigation.


Efficient debt recovery is vital for the financial health of any business. SVN Attorneys employs a strategic and results-oriented approach to collections, ensuring that outstanding debts are recovered promptly and in adherence to legal guidelines.

Damages claims

When seeking damages or pursuing monies owed for services rendered, SVN Attorneys combines legal acumen with a client-focused approach.

National Credit Act and Consumer Protection related litigation

As laws evolve, so do the challenges faced by businesses and consumers alike. SVN Attorneys stays ahead of the curve, offering specialised services in National Credit Act and Consumer Protection-related litigation. Our team is well-versed in the nuances of these legal frameworks, providing clients with effective representation and guidance to navigate the regulatory landscape.

Instituting legal action

When it becomes necessary to institute legal action, SVN Attorneys is your ally in the pursuit of justice. We meticulously prepare and file all necessary documentation, ensuring that your case is presented with the utmost professionalism and adherence to legal procedures. Our proactive approach is geared towards securing swift and favourable resolutions for our clients.

Sending demand letters

Pre-emptive measures, such as sending demand letters, can often pave the way for amicable resolutions. SVN Attorneys crafts persuasive and legally sound demand letters to communicate your position effectively.

Defending summons

If you find yourself served with a summons, SVN Attorneys is here to mount a robust defence on your behalf. Our experienced attorneys analyse the particulars of your case, develop a comprehensive defence strategy, and advocate vigorously to protect your interests in court.

Applying for urgent interdicts and applying for motion applications

In situations demanding urgent legal intervention, SVN Attorneys excels in applying for urgent interdicts and motion applications. Our swift and decisive action aims to secure injunctive relief or expedite legal proceedings, providing you with an advantage in time-sensitive matters.

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