Divorce is not something a couple plans on when they first enter into a civil union; however, people and circumstances change.

It is advisable to appoint a lawyer when going through a divorce. Although it may incur additional costs, there is no chance that one party (that might have more legal knowledge) will overpower the other. It will also lessen the amount of administration duties, and allow you to focus on dissolving the marriage amicably (if possible).

SVN Divorce Attorneys can help with the following types of divorce

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce refers to a divorce where both parties agree to the divorce. These divorces are typically reasonably amicable, due to the cooperation of both parties. In an uncontested divorce, one lawyer is consulted by both parties to achieve an agreement between the parties.

Uncontested divorces are typically concluded within four to six weeks, depending on the court’s availability.

Though spouses seeking dissolution to their marriage can opt for a DIY divorce, it is advisable to consult a lawyer to ensure that the divorce is concluded according to South African laws especially if there are children and a large number of assets involved.

Contested Divorce

Contested divorces occur when one spouse disputes the reason for divorce, or if the parties involved cannot agree to the proposed divorce terms. A contested divorce can take between two and three years, and both parties will need to employ a lawyer to help dissolve the marriage as quickly as possible.

SVN Inc’s Divorce Attorneys are here for you

Our expert team will help resolve your difficult divorce with expert advice and dedicated support. Whilst resolving this difficult matter our team provides reassurance and guidance through each step of the process, ensuring that a desirable outcome is achieved.


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