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A Notary Public is an admitted attorney who has passed the competency-based examination for Notaries, who is a fit and proper person and who is admitted in the High Court of South Africa to function as a Notary Public, whose main function include administering oaths, attesting to signatures, notarising of certain documentation and drafting of notarial deeds, recording them in their Protocol, keeping the minutes of the notarial deeds in their protocol and affixing their seal to any notarial deed as drafted by themselves.

Nacinda Combrinck from our offices is an admitted and practicing Notary Public.

    Services that can be rendered by a Notary Public are

      • Drafting of Ante-Nuptial Contracts
      • Drafting of Post- Nuptial Contracts

      Did you know that the accrual system can be postponed if certain requirements have been met? 

      These are Legislation Services performed by a Notary Public for use of the documents in foreign countries:

      • Attesting documents
      • Authenticating documents
      • Notarisation of documents
      • Drafting of Apostille Certificates
      • Drafting of a Certificate of Authentication
      • Drafting of Deeds of Cession of Usufruct
      • Drafting of Deeds of Servitude
      • Drafting of Notarial Lease Agreements
      • Drafting of Trust Deeds of Donation
      • Drafting of Notarial Bonds
      • Drafting of Notarial Tie Agreements
      • Drafting of Notarial Deeds in respect of Sectional Title Schemes
      • Drafting of Wills
      • Drafting of Trust Deeds
      • Drafting of Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes
      • Drafting of Maritime Bonds and Sea Protests


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