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Pieter started his career in law in 1999 at the University of Pretoria. He didn’t really like studying but loved to spend his time approaching advanced legal problems with his very blunt and minimalistic approach.

Once Pieter graduated he quickly became known as a vicious lawyer in trade and corporate law. His ferocious attitude to uphold the law and his strong knowledge of these laws allowed him to have a bloody good success rate.

He also keeps things running smoothly at the firm with his strong leadership skills and determination to do his best at everything he attempts to achieve.

Fidelity Fund Attorney Certificate


Caring for his clients


Christo started his career in law in 2008 at North-West University. He enjoyed studying law, he was driven to ensure that the world becomes a place where everyone is equal. Christo decided to make Labour matters his speciality, and quickly established the firm as one of the best labour firms in the industry.

Christo is known for liquidating Ponzi Schemes, helping people who have lost their savings, and can’t fight for themselves.

He made headlines, he made peoples lives better and he protected those who can’t protect themselves. He is one hell of an attorney to have in your legal arsenal.

Fidelity Fund Attorney Certificate


Young, Fun & Professional


Annique started her career in law in 2011 at the North West University and completed both her BA Law and LLB degrees. She enjoys learning and believes that a good attorney is one who keeps doing so and constantly strives to better themselves.

Even though Annique is serious about upholding the law and the legal profession, she is quick witted and enjoys the occasional joke. She enjoys working with people and believes that all people are equal and should be treated as such. She is therefore not afraid to take a stand and protect her clients. She is comfortable to work in all areas of the law and is adamant to be the best attorney she can be.


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We strongly stand by our clients, no matter what they are going through. Our ability to offer the highest quality service is something we take much pride in, ensuring that we offer our clients only the best there is.

We take pride in our history but also focus on the future, the relationships we have built and are busy building. This makes us dynamic and client orientated, after all that is what you are looking for when selecting an attorney, someone that puts your interests before their own.
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